METTA CLOTHING is created to bring to the consumers a vast array of in-house and curated products under different categories.

METTA  is an embodiment of Self love and goodwill for others . To hold true to the brand name and for the consciousness that beholds us, all our products promote Slow & Sustainable Fashion and are mostly Made in India. It is essential to understand the challenges in the garment & textile industry's supply chain and it's environmental impact as well as it's impacts on the people working in it and the consumers and therefore looking at ways to improve the overall culture in the garment retail industry.

Slow Fashion supports a responsible supply chain by encouraging measured production cycle  and managing the production to minimise and attempting to eliminate wastes that the fashion industry usually causes due to the frequent changing trends thus attempting to minimise the carbon footprint in whatever small quantum possible by helping curtail wastage of resources and efforts put in by a wide string of people by bringing to you the best products in different categories.


Our primary aim is to offer the best of products at fair and suitable pricing which may not necessarily be cheap as offered by most Fast Fashion brands. Fair pricing helps us to offer fair pays to the people who work in the garment industry thus maintaining  a healthy supply chain. 

Hence , making your shopping experience a guilt free indulgence . We put out no fancy marketing terminology, but a vision that motivates us to work with a simple idea with a potential to benefit our environment and the people.

Lifestyle Simplified



Strengthening the economy

Creating employment and adding up to the economic growth by supporting the manufacturing and retail sector of our country.

Slow & Sustainable 

An essential step towards adopting sustainable fashion practices and helping to minimise waste in the clothing supply chain.