We are an E-Retailer offering an eclectic mix of Apparel and Lifestyle products under our In-house labels as well as carefully curated labels , branded surplus , ex-chainstore , ex-catalogue products. Whatever your style aesthetic may be , we curate it all. We bring for our customers timeless styles in both ethnic and global fashion range.


The idea to rehabilitate surplus category products into streamlined retail and efficiently reach the right customer is an aspect of retailing which is strongly inspired from slow fashion concept. A large amount of clothes are made regularly for Indian as well as International markets. Creating products in bulk reduces the monetary cost , however waste , pollution from these industries cause damage to the environment and is not sustainable. As consumers , we forget that low cost fast fashion products are not always a great bargain as they lead to a huge toll on the environment. When Surplus category products reach the unorganised retail sector , it sells for a value far lower than its production cost which may seem like a great bargain to a consumer but is a clear wastage of essential resources and labour as well. With streamlined retail it becomes possible to save the products by utilising them optimally and mitigate the resource deterioration by reaching the right customer at the right time enhancing the product lifetime and utilisation.


A simple yet unconventional idea of sustainability.


Thoughtfully curated products which are Value for Money.

Diverse range of styles & products.

Quality Items at reasonable prices.


Sustainable solution to product wastage and resource depletion.

Optimal utilisation of products.

Slow Fashion.


Happy Customer.