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We are an E-Retailer offering an eclectic mix of clothing under our in-house label, curated labels, branded surplus, ex-chainstore, ex-catalogue products.We bring for our customers timeless styles in both ethnic and global clothing range.You may count on us to cater to all your classic and timeless style needs.


We follow features of slow fashion  that focuses on product durability, timeless styles, handling excess and overproduction in apparel & textile industry.The idea is to rehabilitate excess category products into streamlined retail and efficiently reach our customers.


It is important to note that as per many credible reports, the textile  waste accounts for as much as 5% of all waste in the landfills.The idea of zero waste and closed loop retailing can only be incorporated with reduced or minimal consumption, absolutely zero waste product design, zero loss recycling and many other such features across the supply chain, which at present is an arduous feat to attain.To achieve a 100% sustainable & environment friendly status in product retail is very tricky.However, it is crucial to follow a course of action that aids in reducing the impact of apparel & textile industry on the ecosystem.Sustainability in apparel & textile industry is an ongoing process and requires a collective effort from us all.Thus, our focus is on activities that handles clothing overproduction and un-utilised clothing & textiles in supply chain with efficient utilisation by reaching a wider group of consumers through a streamlined platform.


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